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"Emerson Star dropped a listen to their new song “Great Escaper” that is the perfect item for your next road trip playlist that entertains the notion and action of truly getting the hell away from it all."

- Impose Magazine

"The first song from the quintet’s forthcoming new EP, however, takes all Emerson Star’s pieces and assembles them in a surprising way. “Great Escaper” is a slow-building tune that starts with a peripatetic drumbeat, adds vocals and mixes in a scratchy guitar before blossoming into a full-on psych-pop jam about the 2-minute mark."

- buzzbands.la

"This song is about climbing out the back window of a relationship and running until your legs give out. I’d like to think that the theme is reflected in the melody and rhythm." ~ Shannon

- Spill Magazine

“Bolstered by a hardworking rhythm section, Let It Burn’s melodies amble, with surprising grace, through melancholic fog and pitch perfect backup vocals.”

- EstablishedCalifornia

“The album, titled Let It Burn, really builds on Emerson Star’s early releases, but still holding on to that vintage feel that really helped them stand out. This is especially true on the first single, also named “Let It Burn.”

- IndieShuffle

“Recorded live in the studio with an accompanying music video, [Please Sister] really highlights the raw, honest sound that Emerson Star is all about, as they effortlessly glide through sweet vocal harmonies over folk and classic rock tinged instrumentation, reminiscent of bands like Grizzly Bear and Local Natives.”

- IndieShuffle