Opening for Reggie Watts! April 21st at El Cid


March 26th at El Cid


On your devices

Our album Let It Burn is now on iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, Amazon, Google Play, and other music service thingamajigs.


January 9th at El Cid


Show review by Established California

Thanks to our good bud Thomas Williams and Established California for this very kind review of our recent show at the Satellite. Check it out here.


August 29th at El Cid


Let It Burn

Let It Burn

Our first album Let It Burn is available for download. Thanks for listening y’all.

Let It Burn on Indie Shuffle!

We’re very excited to announce our first album Let It Burn. Available for download July 22. In the meantime, check out the nice shout out from Indie Shuffle here.